Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will we make it?

To the end of the school year, that is...  Small Boy is not enjoying life in school.  He's having migraines on a weekly basis now, sometimes twice a week.  Getting him up in the morning is becoming a challenge.  He's coming home grouchy, angry, stressed, and unhappy.  If I felt even remotely ready to finish off a fifth grade curriculum, I'd pull him now and be done with it.  He just hasn't been himself for two or three weeks now.  I found out he's been hiding an assignment from me... is this the same kid that loves to learn?  I'm just at a loss...  I figured I'd sit here and pour myself into my keyboard, but I simply can't find the words...  he's miserable and it breaks my heart.  I am so not prepared for this...

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