Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Quiets

While it would have been nice to sleep a little longer... I can't complain really.  My two are quietly enjoying their Saturday morning, padding around in their feet after having scrounged for breakfast, their cousins still sleeping.  I've been sitting here waiting for the headache I woke up with (*narf*) to dissipate, which it is... slowly with the help of my friend Excedrin Migraine.  First one I've had in about two weeks.  =)  In an effort to rid myself of them completely (I've suffered with migraines since I was 10 or so) I've cut caffeine (yes, well aware that the meds I just took have caffeine in them) and artificial sweeteners.  Happy to report it seems to be working!  This morning's headache could have very well ruined my entire day... but I quashed it, like a bug, rather quickly... it felt good.

Last week I jumped on the "No Shampoo" band wagon...  I refuse to use the terms *no-poo* or *poo-free* though... they just sound icky and a tad too trendy.  Anyway, I scrubbed my hair with a baking soda rinse (2C of warm water and 2T of baking soda) and then a nice apple cider vinegar rinse (2C warm water and 2T of ACV).  Now my hair is uber thick, coarse, dry, long.... when I was using shampoo I could only wash and condition every two to three weeks, anything more than that and would result in breakage.  So after my showering-with-kitchen-products experience...  my hair was incredibly clean, smelled nice, and very, very, very dry.  I gave it a few days, keeping my hair in it's usual pony tail knot at the base of my neck, to let the natural oils take over... five days later it was still very, very, very dry.  I caved...  put a little EVOO in my palms, rubbed them together and then through my hair.  I think I used a little to much, but am still happy with the results.  I'll have to continue tweaking my routine.

My poor Small Boy has been L-O-A-D-E-D with homework this week.  He arrives home from school around quarter of three and get's right to it with a snack, remaining there until it's either time for dinner or time to leave for Kara-te.  Afterward, he returns to his desk, staying there usually until after all the littles head up to bed.  So much for just an hour of homework a night...  Is it June yet?

Kara-te...  we are so thrilled to have found such a wonderful school.  Seriously, the Small Boys loves going... truly!  It's recommended that the students attend class twice a week; he goes four and would go five or six if I could get him there.  PSMA is doing so much for my son...  more than just punches, kicks, blocks, strikes.  Their curriculum (yep, they have one!) creates better people, not just fighters.  Meditation, self control, self awareness, self preservation, helping your community, bettering the world we live in... all that and so much more are taught in a 100% completely positive way.  I'm sure I'm botching this completely...  I know I could do better.  But, the littles are all now awake... the noise level has risen... and my thoughts aren't half as clear as they were when I started.  The long and short of it... I am just so very grateful to see my son be a part of such an excellent school.  Thank you PSMA!

It's occurred to me that I speak of my son often... my daughter not so much.  I'd like to think that is because she is a much simpler creature.  Where the Small Boy is having troubles at school, monthly visits with various doctors, and new adventures at every turn; my Little Bird is quietly going about her routine: preschool five days a week - four hours a day, dance once a week, and a bedtime story with Daddy every evening.  I looked at the Hubbs one day last week (or maybe the week before) and said "I sincerely hope she holds on to her simplicity."  He looked at me, brows scrunched together, "What do you mean by that?"  I think maybe he though I was implying something negative... a sort of lack of intelligence perhaps?  "Simple isn't stupid...  Most everything in the land of Bird is very simple.  She's easily pleased, doesn't require lots of explaining or massive amounts of... anything really.  It's the little things that make and keep her happy.  No complications.  These days... that's pretty rare, and in my opinion, quite a gift."  Just goes to show that my two children truly are night and day.  I am the only thing they have in common.  Variety is the spice of life, right?

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