Friday, February 04, 2011

Stretch Yawn Sigh

Ho Hum... things are plodding along nicely here in the land of me.

My Little Bird turned five last weekend...  five!  She continues to make me laugh on a daily basis... full of sass and bounce, always incredibly simple.  Sometimes I wish I could keep things so simple.

The Small Boy's next great endeavor is on it's way... he began an online class (just one while he's finishing out this year in public school), also last weekend, and is totally loving every minute of it.  We figured it'd be a good way for him to "get his toes in the pool" as far as homeschooling goes.  So far, so good!  He also began Kara-te classes.  We found a great dojo and he and I are thrilled to be there.

Hubbs is also jumping into the pool.  Next week he begins GED classes.  Every so often I sit back and think of his travels... it's simply amazing - the things he's done.  I'm a lucky gal.

I was successful in starting a knitting group!  And what a great group of people!  They're generous, quirky, tell the best stories, and are exceptionally proficient at making soda come out of my family member's noses.  Yarn, baked goods, and snot rocket sodas... what more could a girl want?

I haven't abandoned running... I have, however, developed a winning case of plantar fasciitis...  super.  I've been resting the foot, wearing my sneakers with orthodic inserts every waking minute of my day everyday (my feet are feeling rather smothered), applying ice when necessary... I hope to return to the treadmill next week or the week after.  In the meantime, I took my first yoga class.  I've done yoga at home, but there is something to be said about going to a real yoga class.  No interruptions, no distractions, no "what are we having for dinner and where is my karate gi/tutu/hammer?"...  I was so effing relaxed when I got home... pure bliss.  You could have thrown jell-o at me and I simply would have just absorbed it.  Wondrous...

We're all still pretty pleased with our new home... for the most part.  Mum enjoys having the grand littles around...  she had a taste of long distance grandparenthood and this agrees with her so much better.  The Quiet One (SIL) and I are still madly in love with the house, constantly dreaming of restoring this and repairing that.  We just can't wait to see it reach it's full potential.  Biff (my brother) and Hubbs like to gripe about how old the house is... needs a new roof (this Spring), had to remove/replace some wiring (finished last week - Thank you Malley Electric!!!), needs new windows (next Spring?), and lots of other smallish projects.  Despite the whining (and it is amusing to see grown men whining, that makes it a bit easier to tolerate) I think I can honestly say that none of us have any regrets.  =)

Winter and I just aren't getting along (truthfully, we've never been friends, just polite acquaintances really).  I am so incredibly sick of snow.  I'm sure Mother Nature is pointing, laughing, and maybe even rolling around on the floor a bit (if so, I hope she pees herself, just a little).  I need Spring!!!  Warmth, sunshine, grass, rain...

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