Saturday, August 07, 2010


Had I mentioned that my family and I were moving?  I can't remember... the last month has been a blur.  Well, not only have we moved, but we moved into a much bigger house (think H-U-G-E Victorian) with my mother, brother and his family (currently his wife and three little girls, but there will soon be a son added to the mix too).  Now, we've all seen the reality TV shows that display the "extraordinary" daily life of such large families... marveling at everyday tasks like laundry, meals, and grocery shopping.  But they all have one thing in common, two adults and mass quantities of kids.  Having lived with four other adults and five children for a little over a week now, I think they have it easy. 
We all bought this house together, so it's new to all of us.  And we all own it equally, and pay for it equally too.  But tell me, have you ever thought "Gee, it's time to rearrange the living room," or "I think we should paint the kitchen yellow!"  Yea, there's none of that going on here.  Everything, and I mean everything, right down to the color of the rubbish bins in the kitchen, has to be discussed.  I've sarcastically started referring to it as "running it by the committee."  And that's just the adults! 
There are five, count them - five, kids running around... soon to be six!  My two are the oldest, Small Boy is 10 and Little Bird is 4.  Then my brother has three girls:  Goobie is 3, M&M is 2, and Love Bug will be 1 this month.  For the record, these are the kids actual nick names... not just internet aliases, in case you were wondering.  And joining us next month will be the Littlest Boy.  Six kids... five of them under the age of five!  I'm slowly remembering why I spaced my two out... and I'm really appreciative of my Child Care experiences.
My biggest issue is the lack of privacy...  there is always someone around... always...  even now, as I type... someone is always flitting through the room behind me... oooo wait, they just left!  LOL  It's my own personal hang up... I find it hard to type or concentrate when there's others around, I'll get used to it.
I know it sounds like I'm whining... and maybe I am a little, but we all did this intentionally and we knew what we were getting ourselves into.  We're well aware that the rest of the world thinks we're certifiable, and quite frankly we agree with them.  Individually we're each nuttier than a ten pound Christmas fruit cake, put us together and you get...  organized chaos?  *snicker*  We're actually melting together nicely.  I've happily taken on the role of Head Chef with the assistance of my SIL, aka the Sous Chef.  Together we've started meal planning, menu writing, grocery shopping on a strict budget, and preparing a small feast twice daily (breakfast we usually fend for ourselves).  I've also been appointed the Financial Adviser; keeping track of the bills and spending and the like.  I don't mind, I did the same before we moved.  Although I'll admit it's a bit more nerve wracking with everyone else's financial stability riding on my ability to keep it all in check.
For better or worse, we're all here.  So far it's been a little bumpy but overall I think we'll be able to make this not only work for all of us, but we'll be better for it. 


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