Saturday, July 10, 2010


It's a good thing I have my comments set to appear AFTER I moderate them...  My absence is partially due to the fact that I've been getting daily spam comments for a few weeks now.  Yea, who the hell wants to deal with that?  STOP IT!

Yes, I said partially.  My life has taken a few new turns recently.  What kind of turns you ask?  Well for starters, we're selling our house and buying a much bigger one here in town.  Great, right!  Well, here's the catch... my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and their soon to be four children (all under the age of four, mind you) are all moving into said house as well.

Crazy?  Yep.
Insane?  You betcha!
Nice big yard for my kids to play in?  Absolutely!
Built-in babysitters and an endless stream of playmates right at home for my kids?  In abundance!

Truth be told, my mom is the one technically buying the house, on paper that is.  The goal is for her to be able to retire and my brother's family and mine will cover the bills.  It wasn't something we planned... my SIL and I were here perusing the local real estate when this perfect gem of a house found us!  Seriously, it's amazing!  An old, well kept Victorian right here in town... we (my family) don't even have to change schools, doctors, phone numbers, etc...  We'll have seven bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, den, playroom, living room, dining room, detached 2 car garage, barn with parking for 1 car and three other levels for storage and seasonal living space, a nice big yard, and a walk out basement... le sigh. 

None of us are entering into this with rose tinted glasses... we realize that there will be days when we all look at each other and wonder "WTF WERE WE THINKING?!?!?!"  Especially my mother and I...  With that being said, this house is EVERYTHING we've all ever wanted!  We'll do what it takes to make it work.  It'll be worth it, by far!

And it will all go so much easier if I can get a handle on what ever the hell is going on with me.  Hot flashes, bouts of grouchiness and borderline lethargy, weight loss, dizzy spells, low thyroid numbers, and a swollen neck.  Stick a fork in me - I'm so done with this Thyroid of mine!  Can't I just trade it in for a new one?  About two months ago I finally went to see my doctor.  It only took a month of just wanting to crawl out of my skin, biting everyone's head off, and not wanting to get out of bed much less do anything productive.  After some blood work she put me on a thyroid medication and diagnosed me with a mildly low thyroid.  It helped, but I'm still not me.  I miss me and want me back.  Desperately...

So, in short, I've been out straight with moving prep, illness, and regular life stuff since my last post.  Hopefully soon we'll be able to move (just waiting on a closing date) and things will settle.


*end rant*


*feels a bit better now*


ps  Happy 33rd Birthday to me... Woo!

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