Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Yay for being a SAHM!!!

My house is a bit cleaner!  
Dishes aren't piled across my kitchen counter!  
I've had time to bake bread on a regular basis; as well as make jam, apple butter, and other goodies!  
My holiday knitting is getting caught up!  
I've taken my daughter to story time a the library!  
We're eating dinner at a decent hour, and actually tasting it (IE, not sucking it down in record time)!

Life is good!  Soccer is in full swing for both of my Little's.  I have yet to make it to one of my son's games...  =(  They're always at the same time the Little Bird's practices are.  One of our friends has been picking him up and taking him for me...  I'm hoping to get there before the game ends one of these Saturdays.  Here is the Little Bird at her first soccer practice...


She's still kind of unsure about it and asks me to practice with her... twist my arm!  =D  She also started dance lessons, and loves it!  I made her a little bag to put her shoes and dance clothes in.  Wanna see?

New Dance Bag for The Little Bird

Tap isn't her favorite (It's too loud, Momma!), but she's loving the Ballet and Tumbling!  

I'm also proud to report that the Small Boy just got his progress report home today...  2 A+'s, 1 A-'s, and 2 B's!  Woo Hoo!  I just wish he was a little more cooperative when it comes to taking his picture... he always ducks and runs!  

Hubby and I celebrated our fourth Anniversary last week... so of course I made a cake!

For our Anniversary

Thank you to Picky Palate for posting this great recipe!!!  A very rich cake with a fantastic frosting!!!  You must try it!!!

And now I'll leave you with a picture of my new hair!  

Blue Baby!


Have fun and Enjoy It All!

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