Monday, October 12, 2009

It's a sickness!

Cleaning, I mean.  By ten am this morning I had vacuumed every crevice in my living room, stairs, upstairs hall, and both of the kids bedrooms.  It all started last night while I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep.  My eyes were puffy, my nose stuffy, and my throat itchy.  Now that it's getting colder I've been closing the windows.  It didn't take long for it to become apparent that we hadn't really, really cleaned in a while.  Like a thorough "Spring Clean" clean.  That night I had wondrous dreams of ripping up carpet and replacing it with hardwood or laminate flooring.  HA...  When I came back to reality this morning (aka woken up by Hubbs so he could get a lift to work) I figured I'd spend the better part of the day cleaning and sneezing.  I was surprised by how quickly it went.  And I'm sure there are a few of you going... "Well yea, you obviously didn't do a very good job!  Hello!?!?"  Well yea, I did.  I moved all the furniture, every frickin' frackin' piece of it!  And that wand on my upright vacuum has never seen so much action!  I pulled the sleeper sofa out and cleaned that.  Let me just add... I am a bit embarrassed by the state it was in. My only redemption?  It's not anymore!  I dusted, tossed, wiped... the works!  Once the living room was done I just headed up stairs, without even thinking about.  Before I knew it I was in Bird's room organizing her closet, and then in Small Boy's room moving his bed!  What a feeling!  

I came down stairs to take a much needed break... I was back to sneezing and wheezing with all the dust flying.  Taking full advantage of my now clean living room, I set out to fold some laundry.  And, not wanting it to clutter my nice and neat room, I put it away immediately.  That lead to my reorganizing the linen closet... and putting fresh towels into the bathroom... then scrubbing the bathroom... then the downstairs bathroom.  I think at this point, my son was a bit worried.  "You sound sick, Mumma... you have a sore throat?"  I assured him that I was fine, just allergic to dust...  "Does that mean your allergic to cleaning?"  I left the room giggling...  

And now?  I'm here blogging... but not before I cleaned up the sidebars on both my blogs...  


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