Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Lazies

Brownies in the oven, socks on the needles, kids playing quietly, and Hubbs frantically fleeing from the police... haha he's playing a video game on his X-Box.

Very low key day, we were out late last night at the Sheet Theater.


Explanation: During the summer one of the local childcare centers (not the one I work for) sponsors family movie nights once a month on the High School lawn. It's great, local families get together to chat and catch up. The kids all run wild across the slowly dampening grasses while waiting for the sun to set, also trading tales of their exciting summer adventures. Then, when darkness has fallen, we all snuggle up in our blankets and sleeping bags with our bags of popcorn and chips waiting... This is how family memories are made... an inexpensive evening, sitting in the grass, watching a movie on a wrinkled sheet hanging from a window. We could have very simply popped the movie in at home... sans magic... I myself, prefer the damp evening, swatting mosquitoes, and magic of the Sheet Theater.


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