Friday, July 24, 2009

Quiet Evening

Everyone else is in bed. I'm here quietly listening to my blog music, currently Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah, just relaxing... tossing a few thoughts around... Still not pregnant... New job is working out nicely... Knitting projects are in abundance... My baby brother is going to become a father for the third time any day now... Summer is blowing by at record speed... Vacation is coming up and I'll be spending it home... A Mocha Coolatta is the perfect way to end the work week.


Five for Fighting's 100 Years just started... of course that brings thoughts of The Folks.

*wonders vaguely if this ache ever goes away*

Also brings up thoughts of my own life... so quick... especially since I became a mom. But isn't that always how it is ~ time flies when you're having fun.


My wedding music... You're So Cool by Hans Zimmer. Still, in my opinion, the best wedding music I've ever encountered. Light, happy, non traditional, cheerful... it builds at the music goes on with quiet lulls in the middle... just like a marriage.

*again, sigh*


I could listen to this all day... it's better than my iPod...

*remembers that the iPod is broken*


Almost as if my blog music is answering my thoughts, the song So What by Pink starts up...


There are times when I wish I could literally record each and everyone of my thoughts... each fleeting whim that passes through my ears. I'm sure there's someone out there that would be amused with my grey matter processes...



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