Sunday, October 12, 2008

A little magic...

Today both of my kids discovered a bit of magic... The morning started out a bit chaotic, Hubby was off to work and the Small Boy and I rushed about the house in a small frenzy cleaning and doing chores so we could get tot the good stuff. Thankfully, it wasn't long until the craziness melted into a quiet afternoon (I was beginning to think they had become extinct). As the dishwasher hummed and the chilly autumn air filled the upstairs (felt the urge to air out one last time before it gets really cold and we turn on the heat) we all settled in. I scurried off to the kitchen where my fabric was waiting for me...


See my craft blog for the outcome of that... =) The Small Boy kinda hovered for a bit, staying far enough back to stay out from underfoot, but close enough to make me feel like I am under a microscope. After offering up a few activities he settled on this:

Harry Potter

I was so psyched! My Nana started purchasing the series for him when they first came out. I, of course, read them all as she gave them to me. They've been sitting on the shelf in my living room for a while now, just waiting for him. I'll be honest, reading is not one of his favorite activities, but every so often he reaches for a book all on his own (we do at least 20 minutes of reading every day, either together or him on his own). He read for an hour, perched on my childhood toy box... it was so cool!

Harry Potter

And where was the Little Bird? Watching The Little Mermaid... for the very first time.

We discovered Ariel today.

TV is not a large part of life here, hence the older than dirt console set. I personally can't stand it. We have a dish for the Hubby. And the extensive DVD collection you see in the background is his as well. But today I figured a treat was in order. And while I'm not a huge fan of "the box" I remember the magic I felt as a child watching Ariel walk and dance on her new legs... not to mention the music! I would listen to the soundtrack over and over for hours! She seemed to feel the same...

Pure bliss.... *sigh*

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