Saturday, March 08, 2008

Quiet Evening

Life's been pretty good lately, although I'm sure good isn't the right word. Rather, words like peaceful, quiet, content, maybe even bliss would work better. Hubby is still out of work and not going to rehab, but has been sober for over two weeks and is looking for a job, as well as really embracing the AA community(it is a community, isn't it?). A new rehab facility is being built here in town, Webster Place Recovery Center, and while we are pretty sure we can not afford for him to actually check in, they are offering all sorts of opportunities for those in recovery. Meetings every day and various other gatherings, like the "jam session" that Hubby went to last night. He was pretty excited, and it's great that he has found a place that he can be social without the pressure of alcohol. I'm quite happy staying home with my family, yarn, and the occasional movie, but Hubby really likes to get out every once in a while. And this isn't just good for him. While he was out last night I didn't worry and pace the floor as the clock ticked, wondering what condition he'd come home in, if at all. It was great to see him walk through the door with a smile on his face and his guitar on his back. *sigh*

I'm still plucking along with The 365 Project... almost looking forward to day 365. But I guess this is why it's so momentous when someone finishes... I'm still having fun with it, but I'm having a hard time finding the time. Kids are getting more demanding(apparently they do that as they get older... go figure), work is more demanding, and the Hubby during the past few months... It all adds up. But I'm still keeping up! Yay me! I'll leave you with a few of my recent favorites:

Day 217 ~ Valentine's Day no less...
Happy F*ck#n' Valentine's Day Baby ~ 365 Days, Day 217

Day 230 ~ The picture is me(the baby), my Father(holding me) and his Father(the "spotter").
I saw a similar picture in a friends stream... ~ 365 Days, Day 230

Day 233 ~ Tuck me in...
G'nite...  ~ 365 Days, Day 233

Day 234 ~ Content is a wonderful feeling...
So seriously content... ~ 365 Days, Day 234

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