Monday, March 24, 2008

Big Birthday Bash!

So here's one of those "more pictures than words" posts... We had the Big Birthday Bash this past weekend. Explain? Sure! I have a younger sister and a younger brother. Between the three of us we have five kids; 1 boy and four girls and they all have their birthday's within a three month span. So, rather than have five different parties we just had one big party! Yay us! Feast your eyes...

First, the newest Member of the family... My brother's daughter, Emily. We celebrated her birth.

The Party Table! Each birthday child had their own 6" cake, decorated to their liking...

My creation

Everyone Ready? From left to right: The Small Boy turning 8, Baby Swiss(my niece) turning 6, Little Bird turning 2, and The Baby Girl(my niece) celebrating her first!

My creation
And it was good! My two littles thoroughly enjoying their cakes!

It was an excellent day! =)

*none of these photos were taken by me... they were borrowed from My Mom, My Sister, and My Sister-in-Law... I was a complete noob and left my memory card at home. Anyway... Thanks Gals!

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