Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day Bliss!

I just love snow days... they're the only good thing about winter. An extra day at home, found time... it's like finding a crisp hundred in your pocket (and worth the same too!). Although I am disappointed to report that I slept most of it away... I got up at the usual time, but once it was determined that I wouldn't be going into work... well, I was back in bed by quarter past six. I never heard the kids get up and they must have woken my hubby... I ended up sleeping until half past eleven! I haven't done that since before I had my soon to be eight year old son! Half of a perfectly good snow day... wasted... GAH!

But, that isn't what prompted me to spend a few moments here at my blog... although updating was already on my list of things to do with the extra day. Here's a good one for you...

My daughter (she'll be 2 at then end of this month) is potty training... every parent's favorite time of toddlerdom... I can't wait until it's over!!! Today I put her down for her nap after lunch time, as usual. A few hours later when I heard her up and about (she still hasn't figured out how to open her door, it's awesome!) I went up to get her only to discover she had taken her diaper off. I didn't say anything... and neither did she. Instead she marched, bare bottomed, down the hall to the bathroom, grabbed a towel off the floor and went back into her bedroom. Once there, she tossed the towel onto the carpet right in front of her kitchen set and proceeded to stomp on it furiously. I... could only laugh. Imagine that, a toddler that cleans up her own accidents! Yea she's a hoot... full of personality and sass. Just see for yourself...

I want a turn!

Not only will she not smile for a picture, but she'll steal your camera so you can't take anymore... I can't wait until she's a teenager!

And, not to be outdone... here's an old, but funny one of my son... just for laughs...

Blackmail for when he's 18!

My Littles are so wicked cool!

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