Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Must post more!

Yes, I am making an attempt to post more often... once or twice a month just doesn't cut it... But it also occurred to me that I don't need to write a novel every time I post... quickies are ok! Hey, they're better than nothing! =)

I just threw together what I'm hoping will be an excellent feast of a weeknight dinner... Kielbasa and Italian Cheese Quiche! Let's just start off with... it smells really good! While I've never been a fan of eggs before... lately they seem to appeal to me, weird. I mean, they used to make me sick... literally. Now all of a sudden, quiche is good, and I had a croissant egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich the other day that actually made me want more... Maybe my taste buds are changing with age. At any rate, if it's any good... I'll post the recipe...

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