Saturday, December 08, 2007


I spent four straight hours cleaning today! And it was all spent in just three rooms! Anyone that knows me knows that this is a big deal! My hands are raw, itchy, and dry from the cleaning chemicals(I have very sensitive skin; I know, I know, use gloves...), my back hurts from bending and lifting, and I'm generally tired... but my two kids rooms are all hoed out and my bathroom has been scoured! Boy oh boy did they need it! Every year right before Christmas we try to clean out the kids rooms in preparation for the piles(literally!) of stuff they receive from our families; clothes that don't fit but aren't worn out get bagged for donation, so do toys that still work but don't get played with, broken toys get bagged for trash, as do ripped and holey clothes... We moved beds, vacuumed, dusted, organized, and even assembled my son's air hockey table that he got last Christmas(finally had the space for it!) and moved everything that didn't belong to my daughter out of her room(it used to be our spare room that we stored all sorts of stuff in... there was only a little bit left...). And then... the bathroom. One and a half garbage bags full of bath products that we just don't use(most of it was bath sets that I recieved as a gift but couldn't use due to my sensitive skin... the rest was just stuff we had bought wanting to try and then didn't like). I know this is nothing terribly exciting, but yea me... I spent the morning cleaning and now I feel better.

In more exciting news(not much more, but we were pretty jazzed), I gave my daughter her first haircut... Not much, just her bangs... I am just so sick of it being in her face and sometimes stuck to her face with food or snot... eeewww... Anyway, here are the results:

She was so good and sat still while I cut and trimmed... Not bad, eh?

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