Friday, November 09, 2007

The Proudest of Mumma Moments

Quick, while I have the time... Yesterday my soon to be eight year old son did something amazing. After running a few errands I had stopped at the gas station on my way home to fill up. While I was pumping my son started flailing and flapping his arms trying to get my attention from the back seat. He persisted with banging on the window and calling me loud enough for me to hear him through the closed doors and windows. Tired and sore from the day, I exasperatedly yanked the door open. "What?!" I demanded. "Mumma, I need to go say thank you to him," he said excitedly, pointing to the next gas island over. I looked over and saw a Soldier, dressed in his Class A uniform, filling his own gas tank. I stood there for a few seconds, stunned. "Can I?" he asked. "Uhhh, yea. I mean sure, Baby!" I stood back as my small boy unbuckled his seat belt, hopped out of the car, zipped his coat and straightened his winter hat. He checked for cars and proceeded to walk over to the next island. Now, my son is a rather excitable child... If he wants your attention, he'll usually pat your arm and say excuse me repeatedly until you answer him. But not this time. He quietly walked up the the Soldier and just stood there until he was noticed, it took well over a minute. "Oh, hi there buddy..." the Soldier said, looking around a little worriedly, maybe for his parents? My son smiled and said, "I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of our Country." That Soldier had the same look I had had just a few moments ago. "Well uh, thank you very much buddy!" he replied, sounding surprised. He patted my son on the shoulder as he turned to come back to the car. I watched my son climb back into his booster seat and buckle his seatbelt. I looked across to the Soldier, now finished pumping his gas. "You've got a really cute kid there," he said to me. I smiled and said "Thanks!" Then I quickly added before I climbed back into my car, "You know, this was all his doing... I was just as surprised as you." We exchanged smiles and went back to our own lives...


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