Saturday, March 24, 2007

Are you kidding me?

Who knew that it was so hard to get help when you really need it? I mean, seriously! My husband called a detox program over a week ago, inquiring about getting the help he so desperately needs. It's amazing that anyone gets into these facilities! The hoops we have to jump through! One would think that if a self admitted alcoholic called up and asked for help, they'd be right on him. Nope... it kinda makes you wonder why there are so many out there that don't get the help they need... I don't get it, I don't understand it, and I don't like it. I just want my husband back.
I'm coming to realize that we may never move to North Carolina now. The money we had saved for that will now be spent on rehab. Fortunately his insurance covers most of the cost, but not all. And while he's there he won't be working or getting paid and the bills here will still need to be paid... There goes our savings. On the one hand, it's a big relief to know that we're not moving across the country and into uncharted territory. Everything that is familiar around here is a huge welcoming comfort right about now. I'm discovering that we've carved ourselves quite the little niche here. I'm fairly attached to our family doctor, childcare provider, and my job; all of which would be lost if we moved. Not to mention my family being close by. His family is close by too, but we haven't heard from them in about three weeks now(I can't imagine abandoning or being abandoned by my family when the needed for them is greatest.). As much as I was looking forward to a change, familiar is good right now.
Things are going to be toughest on our seven year old son(fortunately our daughter is only one...). He'll see what's happening and remember it all. I'll do my best to explain it all to him, but... I hope to get him through this as unscathed as possible. My husband is not his real father, but he does call him Dad(has since I was pregnant with his sister) and there is a solid relationship between them. Situations like this make me love our family doctor and childcare provider even more. They both have a strong and supportive presence in our family's life. One of those things that you don't realize until you sit back and look at things when it's quiet.
And, for your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of my two kids. My husband and I were hesitant to post pictures of our kids on the internet... but what the hell...

Aren't they sweet! She's a little grubby from her after nap snack and he's stretching his art fingers, painting some sun catchers for my nekkid windows... Day and Night, or at least my day and night...

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