Sunday, December 10, 2006

So much to blog about!

I've been meaning to get here for a few days now. All kinds of excitement going on! First, I was lucky enough to be front fucking row at the very last show of the last tour for at least a year or two of Godsmack! It was unfuckingbeliveable! I bought the tickets for my husband for his birthday, and I'll admit, I wasn't very excited about going. I am a fan, but not as much as my husband. I really like their acoustic stuff, went to their acoustic tour a few years ago(with the hubby) but wasn't terribly excited about being in a large crowd of potential moshers and such. Boy am I an idiot! Definitely one of the best shows I've ever been to! Unlike some heavy rock bands, they aren't negative or morbid or incredibly angry and depressing on stage. They actually have fun, smile and laugh! Again, I'm an idiot! And, just to make the experience even better, the bands that opened for them were kick ass(Soil and Shinedown) and I caught a drumstick from Shinedown! Yep! It was awesome! The funny thing... what do you do with a drumstick when you're in a crowd of people and you don't want to put it down in fear of losing it? I'm not so sure what you'd do, but I stuck it down my shirt, down my bra, and in between my boobs. It was far enough down that it just stuck out through my cleavage and out the bottom of my shirt near the top of my jeans. Needless to say, it was incredibly safe during the rest of the show. Ha ha!

As for the holiday madness... We got our Christmas Tree on Wednesday night. OK, OK, I got the damn tree and my sister and her ex helped me bring it home and set it up in the stand(Thanks Cheese!). And there it stayed, naked, until Saturday night when the hubby and I got around to decorating it. Boy it looks pretty. Got new lights and a few new ornaments, including a new picture ornament for the kids' Santa picture(wicked cute!). I thought for sure my daughter(10m) would freak out as soon as I dropped her into Santa's lap. She did look a little worried at first, but once my son(almost 7yrs) hopped up next to her, she was fine. She did stare at Santa for a solid three to five minutes though. It was very sweet. And I also got two new ornaments for the hubby and I. Every year since our first Christmas together, we get an engraved ornament with our names and the year on it(yes, we are capable of being "just too fucking cute"). Well, last year was so friggin' crazy that we never got around to it(who am I kidding, we never got a damn tree!). So you can imagine the look I got from the lady behind the counter at Things Remembered when I handed her two ornaments and asked for one to be engraved with 2006 and one with 2005. I'm sure she went home last night and told her family about the stupid broad that needed last year's ornament. I would.

Yesterday I finished all but two people on our holiday shopping list, YAY ME! And the two I have left are really easy ones. Just need to get off my ass and do it! Now the wrapping hell begins...

And because yesterday wasn't crazy enough(I hate, absolutely hate with a passion, being in the mall during the holiday rush!) my daughter cut three new teeth! I am flabbergasted! Both of my kids were included in the holiday excursion yesterday and both were so well behaved that I am still in shock(I do have good kids, but I know their limits when it comes to shopping and I pushed it yesterday... no, I shoved it... really hard). Amidst all of the chaos, she quietly cut three new teeth! Jeez! I must be the luckiest woman in the world. Either than or my daughter has an incredibly tolerance for pain! I'd like to think it's a little of both.

Still up in the air about where we'll spend Christmas. Grampa is so sick now... but I guess I've been here long enough. My laundry calls me, I've got some cards to make, some house work to do, two kids wanting my attention, and maybe some crafting to do...

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