Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Two Weeks

So what would your first reaction be if you knew you only had two weeks left... Something daring? Something extreme? Quality family time? Some unique experience? Now, add to that, being bed ridden, in pain(physically and emotionally), and knowing that you're going to die soon, but you don't know exactly when. Shorten your list much? I know what would be on my to-do list... die... now. Who wants to live like that? I know my Grampa doesn't. But he continues to hang on. Some think it's for Christmas, some think it's because he's not done providing for us... I suggested we move Christmas up to this weekend and then after tell him that it's OK for him to "let go," but I was overruled. Oh well. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I guess it's majority rules. I just hate to see him suffer.

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