Friday, November 03, 2006


So I'm wondering if I should slow down a bit. I mean I'm purposely keeping myself crazy busy so I don't go insane. I've forgotten what it's like to just sit on my ass and do nothing. Not to mention the fact that I still feel as if I don't get to spend enough time with the hubby. My spare time at home is spent crafting for my swaps or my etsy shop, which is doing fairly well I might add! I recently sold one of my photographs and some dish cloths that my Nana made before she passed away, and I'm currently working on selling the remaining fifteen to one buyer(boy they went fast! I'll have to crochet some more!). Plus I have some other items to list; a few skinny scarves, maybe some handmade gift tags... I don't know what I'll do with the money I'm making. It's kind of like found money really. It's just sitting in my paypal account. Christmas maybe? So, my swaps... I have four out of my current thirteen swap partners done. Three are almost done, two are about half way done, three I haven't started yet, and I don't know what the last one wants yet(mentally doing math to make sure everyone is accounted for). I'll post some pics later... when I feel like it... maybe... You know... earlier I had all this stuff I was going to blog about. But now that I'm here, blogging, it's all gone. Dust in between the ears... Oh well. I'm getting excited, this month I'm being added to my husband's health insurance policy. I haven't had real health insurance since before my son was born. FYI, he's almost seven. As soon as I'm covered, I'm going for a check up. I don't think I've ever looked forward to visiting the doctor's office before. Funny really. I'm also looking forward to getting my horrible teeth fixed. That'll cost a pretty penny I'm sure, and I'm not looking forward to it. I detest going to the dentist... Call it a phobia or what-not. I had to have a tooth pulled shortly after I had my son and it was a horrible, horrible experience! I knew I would be a mess so I asked my doctor to give me a prescription for a few valium. Yea, it didn't work. To make a long story short, I'd rather give birth again(mind you, both of my births were done naturally with out meds, I felt everything...) than have another tooth pulled. And I have yet to meet a dentist that had a personality that was, hmm, searching for the right word, hmmm, similar to that of a human? I know that sounds a bit harsh but, I have good reason. That tooth I had to have pulled? Well before that it abscessed. Very very painful. I was taking vicodin and even that didn't dull the pain. My face was swelling and black and blue, all from a little tooth. I must have called and/or visited at least five different local dentist office's. Not one of them would help me unless I could come up with the money up front. Not one of them would allow me to make some sort of payment arrangement. It didn't matter that I was in an unreal amount of pain and it was only going to get worse without proper medical treatment, or that I didn't have health insurance, let alone dental coverage. Nope, no money, no help. Nice huh? So while I'm excited to finally have proper coverage and get my teeth taken care of, I'm not looking forward to actually visiting the dentist. But now I'm just rambling... Off to craft for my fellow swappers!

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