Saturday, October 28, 2006

Crafting my brains out!

Woot! I just finished a crafting binge! I made some marbleized paper and then turned that into gift tags for a swap I'm doing at craftster... I haven't paper crafted in quite a while. Forgotten how much fun it is. But for now I've cleaned everything up, put the kids to bed(well, sort of, my daughter is sleeping in her chair next to me on the floor... under the cat. The cat is sleeping on her lap, kinda cute really...), and now I'm just waiting for the hubby to get home, sigh... It started out as a crappy day. Marc(hubby) woke up cranky, which irritated me. So then I was cranky and irritable for a while. But that's not a terrible thing. I tend to clean when I'm grouchy. My living room looks pretty good right now(haha). After Marc went to work(I'd love for him to have a M-F job, soon... we hope...) I came home and pulled out the shaving cream and started marbleizing paper. Shaving cream? you say... yes shaving cream. And food coloring, tooth picks, and card stock too! The end results are really nice... Wanna see? Link: It was a lot of fun and I managed not to stain anything with the food coloring. After sufficient drying time I made some gift tags for a swap. I've got pics of them too... You know you want to see them. Link: The nice thing is I didn't have to spend a penny to do this, I had all of this stuff on hand from other crafts I've done. Yay me. Neat! Marc's home!

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