Friday, October 27, 2006

Been Busy...

I've been super stinkin' busy lately. Halloween costumes, work, swaps, home, etc... I'm sure most of you know how it is. I have typed a few blogs at work with the intent to copy and paste them up once I got home, but unfortunately I lost them(my battery died, batteries suck). So right now I'm tired, frustrated, and a little pissed off. After talking to my cousin I discovered that my Grampa isn't doing so hot. When the doctors tell you that the tumor markers are down, that doesn't mean that the tumors are shrinking. It means that the tumors are not growing as fast as they were, but they are still growing and the cancer is still progressing... He was diagnosed last Jan. and we're just finding this out now. And to add to it, my mother found this out because she has been in contact with the doctor and some how "forgot" to mention to me. It's so irritating. Every time I've gone to an appointment or talked to a doctor I call her immediately. I end up hearing the information second hand(my cousin was surprised to find out that I did not know she was emailing the doctor). And I'm sure my sister has no idea either. This sucks. At any rate, they're talking about calling a hospice. I know that isn't what Grampa wants, and it's not what I want. He needs to stay home. Visiting my Nana in the hospital just sucked. She was uncomfortable, we were uncomfortable. He needs to stay home. Fortunately, I think hospice will also come to the house. I only hope that's what everyone decides to do(I don't think my opinion matters too much...).

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