Friday, November 24, 2006


I just finished a piece of chocolate cake(leftover from my hubby's 30th birthday). I made it myself and it was pretty damn good(may have to have another one). One holiday down, one more to go... I knew the holidays were going to be less than wonderful this year, but I'm already ready for them to be over. Thanksgiving was just kind of... blah. Just not the same without them bustling around, running the show. Yes, my grandfather is still here, but cancer has reduced him to a grouchy and tired shadow of himself. And Nana wasn't there... I'm doing what I can to keep the holidays special, they are my daughters first. Maybe, hopefully, things will be different next year. With a little luck(and some serious planning) we'll be living somewhere other than here(far away would be nice...). I like my house(although it could be bigger, my family has doubled since I bought it four years ago, then it was just my son and me) but the location sucks, big time. The schools leave a lot to be desired(although my son's first grade teacher rocks! Maybe he'll want to relocate with us...), the neighborhood itself isn't all that fantastic(within a month of moving here, my car was broken into and my purse was stolen, welcome to the neighborhood!), and we have absolutely no yard, just a dirt driveway. Not to mention that the cost of living here in New England is so high that we're having to stretch one dollar into two. So, with our fingers crossed, Marc and I are starting on the long road to a new home. Wish us luck!

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