Saturday, November 07, 2009

Food for thought

I am quite sick of those that sneer at me upon discovering that my ADHD son is medicated.  Comments that include the phrases "quick fix" and "easy way out" really, really, really irritate me (OK, they piss me right he eff off).  I mean seriously... do you even know what we went through before we finally and reluctantly chose to try meds?  Or what kind of medication he's even on?  I mean, damn... talk about judgmental!  We tried behavior modification, counseling, diet modification...  
There's only so much I can do about his behavior at school from here, and going to school with him is kinda frowned upon.  After several failed attempts to get him an IEP, I finally settled on a 504 Plan...  academically he could keep up and they won't do an IEP for social and emotional issues (IE self control, attention span, ability to concentrate).  
At his first counseling session, the very nice and competent therapist kind of tipped his head to the side while I explained my concerns and why we were there.  After about two months, the counselor very politely told me that he felt my son did not require further counseling, but feel free to contact him in the future if I ever felt the need.  His opinion of my son was that he was a healthy, happy, average kid... with the attention span of a flea.  

Diet modification?  OY!  We already modify his diet for lactose intolerance and hypoglycemia that is triggered by Gastric Dumping Syndrome; not to mention that he is very small for his age and a tad underweight (has been since birth).  So we pack in the complex carbs and fat as often as possible while avoiding simple sugars and loads of dairy products.  Now I know that it's not as difficult as say... a type one diabetic's diet, or a gluten free diet... but after a few months reading, studying, and discussing several different diet options for ADHD... I gave up.  I was so frustrated and flabbergasted by what to try and who's information to trust.  
I went to our family doctor (a fantastic woman, I can not say enough about her) and asked her opinion.  We discussed what I had tried since she diagnosed him and what the results were and what would really be the most practical and easiest solution for MY SON (not me, or his teacher... him!)  Since then she's worked with us until we found the right medication for him.  Maintaining the meds isn't simple either.  We go in to visit her every month, sometimes more often, to monitor his behavior, sleeping habits, eating habits, and weight.  I also keep in close contact with my son's teacher at school to keep an eye on his grades, attention span, concentration and ability to stay on task, interactions with other students and teachers at the school, eating habits at school...
So, to all of you that look down your nose at me - claiming that I've taken the easy way out - BITE ME!  There was nothing easy about this...  The most important thing here is that my son is happy, healthy, confident, and successful.  If this is what it takes, then I'm happy to do it!


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Kittie Cath said...

I'm sorry that people are so judgemental at a time that you need support. I admire you for being a mother first and doing what you felt was best for your son.
If your son is happy and healthy then it soudns to me you are definitely a great mother.
Ahhh I'm out of time and have to go so have to cut my comment shorter than I wanted.... anyways, good luck and <3