Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Here's one I'd like to save

As of late me three (almost four *gulp*) year old daughter has taken to plucking one of my iPod ear budy out of my ear so she can put it in her own and rock out with me.  Of course, it's a little too big for her tiny ears so she's content to just hold it there.  The other day we were each half listening to Dan Zanes and Natalie Merchant sing a sweet rendition of Loch Lomond (from Catch That Train, great music for kids that won't make an adult's ears bleed!) quietly while everyone else ran about the playground.  She looked up at me about three quarters through the song, smiling.  "Momma, we're best friends, right?"  All I could do was nod and squeeze her tighter into my lap....

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