Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I found twenty mintues...

...and was almost thwarted by my rather lack luster computer. It didn't want to cooperate. Anyway, started the new job this week. It was hard leaving my kids, I had been their teacher for fourish years after all. But a change was in order... and I'll admit I'm liking it. Less stress, closer to home, less gas money, more time with the family. What more could a girl ask for? Oh wait, I know! To be pregnant!
This trying business is getting old, nothing like trying to schedule you're sex life... "I know you're not even remotely in the mood and I'm wicked tired, but now's the time... jump on." Seriously?!?! And I really kind of wanted to be pregnant already so I would have said baby in Jan, Feb, or March. Now, we're looking at May if we're successful next month... And clomid? It was rough at first, but... ehh... Part of me (a very very very small part, barely visible even) considered just being happy with the two I have and calling it good, but, and I can't explain why, I really really really want to keep trying.
Other than that... life is quietly plucking along. The kids are growing, the hubby's dealing, and I'm happily along for the ride.


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