Sunday, September 14, 2008

Winter's A-Comin'

Yep, and I've been preparing... Feeling a bit like a squirrel, running about in sixteen different directions getting my shit together... But, in my defense it's not just winter pulling me all over the place. It's everything that happens during winter really.

Most people do a thorough spring cleaning. Well, I've always been a bit backwards, why should this be any different. I like to clean and hoe out my house at the end of summer. To me it just makes more sense... I'm about to seal up the house to keep the cold out; no more breezes blowing through my windows to refresh things. Of course I want one last good opening up and tossing out! All the cobwebs(yes I have cobwebs) and dust bunnies(a whole den of 'em!) and just general junk and clutter that's collected while we were busy enjoying the beautiful spring and summer weather. Seems like we hardly spent much time here, just flashes in and out of the house in between work, day camp, weekend trips, beach trips, field trips with daycare to the zoo and the library... Yea, we aren't home much when it's nice out... Too much to do and see... So now I'm cleaning it all up. We aren't slobs living in squalor, but I do tend to let a few things slide if it means that I can spend a little more time doing something I enjoy (like the time I blew off cleaning the kitchen for a day at the beach with my family... tough decision there folks... do you blame me?).

It's also the beginning of the school year. While the kids have adjusted nicely to their new schedules (the Small Boy is now in the 3rd grade and loving it and the Little Bird is attending preschool at the best home childcare in the area!) I'm still struggling to get things going in my own classroom. My class this year is fantastic! I am super psyched to have them! But it is taking them a bit longer to get into the swing of things... By the end of the week their attention span is toast, which can make for a long day. Nobody likes a long Friday. And, like any teacher I'm sure, there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done... Curriculum planning, supply gathering, time without the kids in my classroom for organizing, cleaning, etc... Maybe I'm still adjusting too.

And let's not forget the upcoming holidays; Halloween(we need costumes!), Thanksgiving(dinner at my place, WOOT!), and Christmas(more dinner at my place... umm... woot again?).

The Small Boy told me he'd like to dress and Indiana Jones... easy enough. The Little Bird is another story seeing how her speech still isn't up to spec(we're having an evaluation on Tuesday!). I'll most likey think of something cute for her... Any suggestions? Feel free to leave me a comment! There are pictures of her smattered across the blog!

I'm psyched to be hosting Turkey Day here this year. It just so happens that Hubby's birthday is right near Thanksgiving and I can surprise him with a cake (no I didn't just ruin the surprise, he never checks my blog... I don't think he even knows the address...). I've invited my Mom, sister and her family, and maybe my father-in-law(no linky for him... sorry). I asked my brother and his family to join us, but they'll be back in Texas by then. I think everyone else has plans already...

And for Christmas... it's still a bit off, but I'm trying to organize a swap within my family. Money's rather tight and in an effort to simplify and keep things inexpensive I sent out emails to all the important people suggesting we draw names and just buy one nice gift rather than several little gifts. The drawing doesn't include any of the kids, just the adults. Who are we kidding, the kids are fun to shop for and the holidays are all about them anyway...

So now I'm off to clone myself so I can get it all done... oh yea, one more tidbit I forgot to mention... I'm getting a second night job in an effort to loosen the checkbook. Yea, what little free time I had... *POOF*

Oh well... Soon to be the season for merry making... right? =D

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