Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am still in awe of how wonderful it is to stay home.  

I no longer feel rushed!  I have time to do things like brush my hair and a I'm not having to pick my clothes out of the hamper because I'd forgotten to do a load of wash and had nothing to wear.  

I have the energy to do fun things with my kids!  Today we're going to a local farm to take part in their Annual Harvest Festival!  And we're not racing around trying to get ourselves together in time!  I've even remembered my camera!!!  

Dinner time is starting to look like dinner time too - we all sit together, it didn't come from the freezer, and there's no hurry to finish.  

Weekends aren't buzzing by at light speed any more; a blur of cleaning, sports activities, and something that might resemble "quality family time."

My house is cleaner, my house and I are a little more put together, my kids aren't frazzled from being rushed, I actually recall what the Hubbs looks like without having to stop and think, meals are at a decent hour and are more than quickie frozen put-togethers...  who wouldn't feel better about themselves and their family in such surroundings!  Why oh why didn't I do this a long time ago?



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