Sunday, September 16, 2007

One of those days...

And no... I'm not talking about a shitty day either. Today has been a rather laid-back, relaxing, generally speaking, over-all nice kinda day. The kids and I got up and went to church. My son went and participated in the children's Sunday School program for the first time(we only started going to the Unitarian Universalist Church here a month or two ago; during the summer things are very easy going and kinda quiet so no Sunday School, nice!). He really seemed to enjoy it. And despite my aversion to organized religions, this one really seems like a perfect fit. I was raised Catholic and my husband Christian. While I no longer consider myself a Catholic(haven't now for a long time), Hubby still has some Christian beliefs. The beautiful thing about the UU Church... ALL are accepted. All faiths, races, sexual orientations... everyone is welcome. What a wonderful environment for my children to learn about faith and tolerance! Having not only a blended faith family, but a bi-racial child as well, this is just perfect for us. I really look forward to going every Sunday(and I'm sure that those of you that know me are just gasping in shock... yep... I'm happily going to church!).

Anyway, after the service there was a waffle breakfast(not entirely the norm, but generally afterwards we all gather for coffee and chit-chat... something else I really like.). We ate, chatted with a few new-to-us faces, and then walked the long way home(it was so nice out!). By the time we got home it was Noon! I put the baby down for a nap and my son and I straightened the house up a bit. Half an hour later he had retreated to his new Lego set in his playroom, the baby was still sleeping, and I clicked on iTunes and settled in for some quality yarn time.

I often put my iTunes on Party Shuffle mode and just let it play, occasionally skipping a song or two here and there. Today, I swear, that software knew exactly what I wanted to hear! It sounds silly, I know, but... After about an hour it just occurred to me, I hadn't skipped a single song. Struck me as odd(maybe I'm the odd one here, who knows).

By the time the Little Bird awoke from her nap I had: made a good dent in a swap package I've been working on(see my craft blog, Crafty Nerd, for details), cleaned and straightened the downstairs(with a little help from the Pooh), and even spent some quality time with the Little Man making muffins(and my whole downstairs smells of blueberries now, I love it!).

Unfortunately, now the downstairs is back to it's usual disarray(she woke up...) and the sun is beginning to set. Great Day! Everyone needs a day like this every once in while...

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