Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Evil Genius of Melinda and Donna!

Yep, it'll be a cook book someday! Watch the bookshelves for it! Nah, my sister and I were hanging out yesterday and we made some damn good food! It all started a few weeks ago when we went to TGIFridays for lunch. As an appetizer, we had fried mac & cheese. It was good, and as we ate, we pondered ways to make it at home. That way we wouldn't be paying 1.50 per bite. We set to work, also making fried ravioli and mozzarella sticks. Holy Shit! They were so fucking good! Yep, one day, we'll write a book! It'll be good, trust me!
We survived the holidays. We still haven't actually opened all of the toys and boxes that the kids got, but everything is fairly neat and tidy. Or at least tolerable. We can walk through the house without tripping and falling flat on our faces...
The hubby and I both got gift certificates to a local tattoo studio. I can't wait to get my new tat! Top Secret! But I'll post pictures after it's done! Ta!

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